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Mirek Struzik

Introducing myself

Welcome to my company's website!
My name is Mirek Struzik and I'm a Polish artist who makes sculptures in public areas.

If you have any questions, want to buy a sculpture or order an artwork - please don't hesitate to contact me!

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"I am interested in sculpture as an attempt to dematerialise a solid. To achieve this, I often use the structures of Nature, transfering them from microscale to macroscale.

In my latest projects, I create sculpture for public space that use the magic of color to transform at dusk.

I want my sculptures to only suggest the form, leaving the final creation and interpretation to the spectator."

Mirek Struzik

Clients' Reviews

What they say
  • The sculptures where designed at a high artistic level and executed according to the agreed schedule, budget and technical requirements

    NEINVER and HOCHTIEF Poland - customer

  • I want to thank Mr. Mirosław Struzik for his professionalism and commitment

    President of Wrocław - customer

  • The Opoczno Municipality is satisfied with the cooperation with Mirosław Struzik and wants to thank him for professionalism and commitment

    The Opoczno Municipality - customer

Public art for you

If you need sculpture for public space and like what I do, contact me.

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+48 692 168 278


Wrocław, Poland